Order your 11x14" Harvest Pumpkin Paint Kit(s) until September 27th!

Kits will be ready for pickup on Sunday, October 1st.

Each paint kit comes with a pre-traced wrapped canvas, printed instructions, and paint colors matching your color choice.

*No Paint Brushes included.


Paint Kits are now on Sale through March 24th!

These kits are perfect for all ages and skill levels! Add to holiday baskets or use for activities over spring break! Order 3 or more and save 20% on your order!

(Kid's Kit FAQ's are answered specifically on the next order page.)

What if I don't have any artistic ability?

All paint kits are designed for all skill levels and the instructions/tutorial breaks down each step so that anyone can create a masterpiece they are proud to display. Acrylic paint dries fairly quickly, so if you don't like how a certain part turns out, let it dry and paint over it again.

Does the kit include Paint Brushes?

No, the kit does not include paint brushes. A decent set of brushes can be purchased at Michaels or Walmart for $5-$10, and can be used over and over again. Look for a set with a mix of flat brushes (rectangle end) and smaller round detail brushes. Use dish soap to clean the brushes. Here is an example of a recommended set at Michaels so you an idea of what to look for.

FAQ image

Can Door Hangers be placed outside?

The door hangers are hand cut from 1/4" plywood. Once painted, it can be hung on an exterior door that is not directly exposed to weather elements. If wanted to hang on a door that will be exposed to sun, rain, snow, etc., a few coats of a outdoor polyurethane or lacquer will be required. These come in various sheens, such as glossy, satin and matte.

Can I order more than one kit?

Yes, you can order up to 10 kits with each purchase. Gather some friends and family and paint together as you follow along with the instructions/tutorial! If you need more than 10 kits, please email us at [email protected]

How long will the paint in the kit last if I can't paint it right away?

The paint is quality craft paint dispensed into small condiment cups. The cups are tightly sealed with the appropriate lids, and the paint will stay fresh for about 2 months. After that, the paint may be thicker, but not completely dried out. Add some Matte Medium to thin it out (not water) or purchase 2 oz. bottles of craft paint at any hobby store or Walmart, Amazon, etc.

*Keep the wood cutout indoors until painted. Lay on a flat surface to avoid warping.

Can I book a Private Party with this design?

Have a group of friends or co-workers that would like to gather for a private party or team-building event? This design can be booked for LOCAL private events. Reach out to us in the "Contact Us" section to book your event.

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